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Former FBI special agent Clint Van Zandt told WTOP the Bureau has investigated hate crimes since World War I, it was the Hate Crimes Prevention Act of 2009 that expanded the investigative jurisdiction of such crimes, in order to determine if a crime such as murder, arson or vandalism was committed based upon certain biases of the person charged in a crime, such as race, religion, ethnicity, [or] gender. In itself is not a crime, Van Zandt said, it can obviously be one of the motivating factors for such crimes. If a murder suspect is an avowed racist, that alone doesn mean the act was a hate crime..

Thousands must think moms really love beer and wings. Some 35,000 people reportedly brought their moms to Hooters last year on Mother Day. So on Sunday you can tell your mom, at least I didn drag you to Hooters last year for your big day. All this being said, don think I am being negative. I tried really hard to not let chemo get me down that much. I still walked/dropped my daughter off at school throughout chemo with the exception of a few days when I was dealing with the fallout of some PEs.

If all you are concerned about is volume at one listening position, a single high quality sub CAN out perform low quality duals. If you use good quality subs, of which the SVS SB2000 is, you may not get as much overall volume as a single large ported sub in that listening position but everything else will be better, including: more even and consistent volume level over multiple listening positions, smoothness of frequency response by minimizing of nulls and room nodes, and minimizing localization of the source of sub bass. If you use a VTF 2 vs a VTF 3, the performance difference is small enough that duals will make a sound quality improvement and you will see an increase in volume over all the listening positions including the single position maximized for the single sub.

We’ve heard this rhetoric a lot of late, this idea that white America needs to be defended. At the heart of that assertion is the idea that whites are under fire an idea that is definitionally centered in racism. In this case, the sort of “reverse racism” measured in the polls above.The extent to which Trump in his tweet was explicitly channeling a defense of those white Americans worried about their cultural status is hard to measure.

Reduce the oven to 350F and bake for about 10 more minutes until the puffs are well dried. If the dough seems still contain moisture, lower to 325F and continue cooking for a few more minutes. Remove the puffs from the oven and pierce with a sharp knife to ensure that they remain crisp..

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