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“It’s disappointing and outrageous,” says Peter Maybarduk, director of Public Citizen’s Access to Medicines Program, a consumer advocacy group, in reference to Rea’s testimony. “Compulsory licensing is a sovereign right to protect public health and other public interests. It’s been around as long as patents have been around.

Now the state is keeping a wary eye on a hurricane. Hurricane Hector is currently a category 4 storm. While it’s expected to pass just south of the Big Island by midweek, it’ll still be close enough to affect the islands. Middleton (36 10), and Watertown (31 16) vs. West Bend East (42 6), 4:30 p m.; Muskego (39 5) vs. Manitowoc (38 4), and Milw.

Still though, I personally can’t feel too happy about it. It’s not soul crushing, obviously, (any Roma fan has had time by now to get used to the feeling of selling great players, and he’s not one of those, either, who you feel really, really bleed Roma), but I am sad. Now let see who we get to replace him..

“She has a great understanding of what a coach needs to do in every category,” Larranaga said. “From relationship building on campus, to relationship building with high school and AAU coaches, with basketball strategy, recruiting, with public relations. She is very, very well thought of.

And Agrium.Finally, Hansen said a merger seemingly saddles Agrium the acute long term challenges still facing global potash markets. Prattas at AltaCorp Capital agrees that a deal would likely be better for Potash Corp. Than it is for Agrium.Based on Monday closing prices, he assumes $225 million in synergies, and believes the transaction would be value neutral for Agrium shareholders.believe Potash Corp.

It was a pragmatic approach, Mr. Mahoney said.Combined with the imminent end of the Canadian Wheat Board monopoly, the Viterra takeover changes the landscape of the Western Canadian agriculture sector almost overnight.Viterra predecessor, the Saskatchewan Wheat Pool, dates all the way back to the early 1920s. The co operative became a publicly traded company in 1996, and Viterra was created when it took over Agricore United successor to Alberta Wheat Pool and Manitoba Pool Elevators in 2007 and became a more diversified agri business giant.Grant Devine, the former Saskatchewan premier, said that the Wheat Pool noticed how former Crown Corporations like Potash Corp.

Remember the first scene we see spidey in IW? Iron man is gettin his ass kicked by the big guy with the hammer and about to get squished and then Peter drops in and stops it like it’s nothing. He then is just like “what’s up, mr stark”. I feel like that quick scene really shows how effortless it is for spidey.

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