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The barefoot driving prohibition is the kind of rule we seem to have heard about at some point, yet never came across formally, or can’t remember exactly. My driver education instructor never said I couldn’t drive barefoot, at least not that I remember. Probably because the subject never came up.

Provide special training for frontline employees. The employees who interact directly with customers are essential for your business. “Their attitudes, communication skills, and style of service are what your customers are going to associate with your business,” explains Hess.

Better than me. I work nights and sleep days and my piece of shit roommate refuses to turn on the AC during the day and only at night. So while he gets to sleep in a nice cool 70F or 21C even though it only 75F or 23C outside I forced to sleep in a terrible 80F or 26C while it 95F or 35C outside.

Felt underutilized even during his rare appearances on offence. For example, he was targeted only four times during the Riders 26 19 loss to the Edmonton Eskimos on Aug. 2. Palm Beach Outlets is hosting a night of shopping, giveaways and entertainment Feb. 13 to raise funds for 20 local charities. The charity event is being held a day before the outlet’s grand opening on Valentine’s Day.

Tiger Woods looks seedy in what the National Enquirer claims are the first photographs placing him at a sexual rehabilitation clinic in Hattiesburg, Miss. The golf legend’s face isn’t clearly visible, but the dark blur is legible enough to be certain that he isn’t wearing his trademarkable smile all teeth, and all of them straight as an arrow. We see instead a man with a foam coffee cup in his hand, a dark hoodie draped over his head and shoulders, and a look of annoyance or surprise directed at the photographer.

It makes a tasty bread, and those with an abundant supply could get an early start on holiday gifts. Imagine how much more simple December will be if you bake all of your holiday loaves and freeze them in August. When the holidays roll around, simply pull the loaves from the freezer, and voila! Planning ahead pays off..

During emergency situation, you can just easily remove your head rest and use it as a window breaker. There was this video which spread on Youtube that became famous because of its proven efficacy. By simply pounding the window with the headrest’s metal part, the window won’t break.

7 points submitted 13 days agoI don love this move, but I can see why it would happen. We have too many good players in the midfield competing for 3 4 spots while having a defense that cannot be relied on. Arriola, Acosta, Steiber, Canouse, Asad, Segura, Durkin and Mattocks are essentially competing for 5 spots with Rooney being our captain and the only player who must start.

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